Controllers with Integrated Motion Control and Advanced Programming

Designed for integration: a systems approach gives you flexibility with the 5300 Series.

  • Simplify your architecture and reduce component count.
  • Connect to external subsystems using Modbus TCP and other protocols.
  • Support for EtherCAT drives and I/O.
  • Native high-density modules for digital and high-resolution analog I/O.
  • Local or remote motion control with servos or steppers.
  • Easy and comprehensive interface to HMI systems.
  • Optimized for data communications – upstream and downstream.

High-Level Programming and Comprehensive Diagnostics

QuickBuilder Programming Environment

A programming toolset designed for sophisticated equipment and tight schedules.

  • State language for direct programming of machine sequences.
  • Multi-tasking to handle parallel operations.
  • Asynchronous event triggers.
  • High-level commands for motion, math functions, task management.
  • Remote and local I/O treated equally for naming and access.
  • Fully integrated support for EtherCAT devices.
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