Programming Automation with QuickBuilder

QuickBuilder is a high-level programming language specifically designed to rapidly program, debug and deploy complex automated equipment.

Capabilities integrated into QuickBuilder:

  • Multitasking to multiple levels.
  • User-defined functions.
  • Asynchronous event triggers.
  • Motion Sequence Blocks with distributed execution.

The QuickBuilder Advantage

Using QuickBuilder, you have the tools you would expect to find in a modern programming language, but in a state-based language that closely parallels your process. Designed to serve the needs of some of the world’s most advanced technology manufacturers, QuickBuilder supports the accelerated development schedules and demanding technological and performance requirements found in these companies.

QuickBuilder Features

State Language Programming

In state-based programming, a step defines the only instructions active within a task at that moment, corresponding to the physical state of the machine or process being controlled.  Steps are composed of high-level instructions, which can include the control of named I/O points.

Of course, far more complex mathematical and logical functions may also be performed in a step, as well as triggering user functions, multitasking, etc.  Click below to view available built-in functions.

Motion Sequence Blocks

MSBs are blocks of specialized motion control instructions, automatically downloaded and executed locally on a hardware-based servo or stepping motor control module or in an IncentiveECAT CPU core. This alleviates the main CPU of the burden of executing time-critical instructions, especially important in large, sophisticated systems.

The above example executes a trapezoidal move, waits 250mS, then triggers another MSB named “GoBack” in the background.  Click below to view the Motion Sequence Block instruction set.

Integrated PID Loops

PID loops may be configured to run in the background, independent of the main program flow. The control program still has complete access to all PID parameters for tuning and setpoint adjustment.

PID Parameters

Additional Capabilities

  • Runs on Windows-based PC
  • Graphical and textual program displays
  • Text entry or syntax-directed editing
  • Controller, EtherCAT and BACnet explorer tools
  • Code library creation and storage
  • Live program control and monitoring

Learn more about QuickBuilder

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Watch the above video to learn the basics of QuickBuilder, including how the integrated state language works. Then, use the links below to learn more about some of the specific capabilities…

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QuickBuilder may be downloaded and run as a trial version for 30 days. To run for more than 30 days, contact CTC Sales at or +1-888-818-2600 to purchase the software and receive an activation code.

Download the Guide

QuickBuilder Reference Guide
Download a free copy of the QuickBuilder Reference Guide, with detailed instructions for using QuickBuilder, as well as a wealth of additional information about the use of the QuickBuilder language and associated development tools.