High-performance programmable controller for PC platforms

A complete software-based control solution

IncentivePLC is a software-based programmable automation controller with a difference: it runs the QuickBuilder automation language, a powerful and intuitive approach to programming automated machines and processes.

IncentivePLC comes with a Realtime Operating System (RTOS) that supports simultaneous operation of Windows 10 (or Windows 7) and real time functions on the same multi-core CPU. This provides the flexibility to run your control platform on the same system as vision software, HMIs and/or the QuickBuilder Programming Environment.

The QuickBuilder Programming Environment

IncentivePLC is programmed using QuickBuilder, a powerful, proven programming approach that can dramatically reduce time to a completed project. In addition to a broad range of high-level commands, QuickBuilder supports multitasking, asynchronous events, function libraries and a wealth of other capabilities allowing you to modularize and simplify the coding and debug process.

An added benefit is that the same language and development tools can be used with the CTC Series 5300 Programmable Automation Controllers, giving you a choice of target platforms with full portability.

Click below for more information or to download a free trial of the QuickBuilder Programming Environment.

IncentivePLC Capabilities

Execution under an independent RTOS, combined with a state-based multitasking language (instead of older combinatorial control languages), result in unprecedented performance for IncentivePLC installations. IncentivePLC also offers a rich suite of programming capabilities, including:

  • Multitasking, up to 96 simultaneous tasks
  • Asynchronous event triggering
  • User functions and libraries
  • High-level multi-axis motion control capabilities
  • Integrated floating point math capabilities
  • Capacities to 1024 inputs, 1024 outputs, 256 analog inputs, 256 analog outputs
  • Motion capacities to 64 axes
  • Native Modbus support
  • EtherCAT support via IncentiveECAT

Comprehensive Support for EtherCAT I/O with Auto-Configuration

Setting up an EtherCAT network for controlling I/O and multi-axis motion has never been easier.  Read more about the advanced capabilities of IncentiveECAT, used in conjunction with IncentivePLC or your own code, and how it takes care of vendor-specific configuration issues for you, providing uniform access to your motion axes and I/O points.

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