EtherCAT Master and Slave Systems with Integrated Controllers

New EtherCAT Coupler and Automation Controller.

  • Connects to an existing EtherCAT master as a slave I/O controller.
  • Tested compatibility with CTC, TwinCAT, and other EtherCAT masters.
  • Can act simply as remote I/O, or run fully independent programs.
  • Two Ethernet and four serial ports support further integration.
  • Can connect to local HMI for modular system design.
  • Native high-density modules for digital and high-resolution analog I/O.
  • Available with 2, 4, or 8 module slots for up to 256 I/O.
  • Supports up to 16 motion axes locally.
  • Optimized for data buffering and communications – upstream and downstream.

M3-41A EtherCAT Master module for 5300 Series.

  • Inserts into any 5300 Series controller to provide EtherCAT Master functionality.
  • Controls up to 16 axes and 2000 I/O points per network.
  • 1 mS updates on all axes.
  • Commands: linear, S-curve, cam, spline, gear, move on a gear, segmented moves.
  • Registration capability.
  • Virtual axis/master support.
  • Syncs slaves for simultaneous motions.
  • Absolute encoder support.
  • Automatic network configuration.

IncentiveECAT Master for PC-based Applications.

  • Part of the Incentive suite of CTC PC-based automation software.
  • Runs in multi-core systems alongside Windows, preserving performance while greatly increasing programming and interface options.
  • Can be used in desktop or embedded environments.

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