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Our Key Technologies

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  1. Incentive is a new series of automation software components running on standard PC platforms that, together, form the basis for a powerful and comprehensive control system. The main components in this family include:

    • IncentiveAPI – a library allowing your C#, C++ or VB.Net code to communicate with your process via the other Incentive components or remotely-located CTC controllers.
    • IncentivePLC – a software-based automation controller, programmable with CTC’s QuickBuilder Programming Environment and offering code complete portability with Series 5300 Programmable Automation Controllers.
    • IncentiveECAT – an EtherCAT master controller running directly on your PC hardware and using a standard Ethernet port to connect to a network of EtherCAT-based drives and I/O.
    Multi-core PC ExampleA system example showing Incentive components running on a single multicore PC

    For more information about Incentive:

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