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Featured Customer Story -
Mass Customization Improves Pet Health

50-foot packaging machineOur customer was asked to create a single packaging machine to mass produce
custom orders of veterinary supplements. The machine’s size and complexity presented special challenges.

Read about how CTC’s controller delivers precision control of 11 servo axes; individualized packaging of custom product orders; and custom labeling.. Read more…

Featured Customer Video -
SolidWorks Integration

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Mass Customization Improves Pet Health

The machine designer was asked to create a single packaging machine to mass produce custom orders of veterinary supplements. Read more…

Polymer Mixing
Polymer Mixing without the Worries

APT met its goal of replacing a mechanical control methodology with a single system to control a ratio-metric mixing process, with multi-point temperature control, and a web-interface to manage the system. Read more…

Lighter Windmill Blades Require Precise Servo Control

Wind turbines bring requirements for new and advanced composite materials, in turn bringing new manufacturing challenges. Read more…

Modbus support
New Battery Technology Uses Communications-Intensive Control

Energy storage is one of the great challenges of our time, and Enser has developed a game-changing technology overcoming many of the limitations of current batteries. Read more…

Utility Monitoring
Utility Monitoring: Generators Only Operate with Fuel

When the power went out, the generator was not able to save the day. Maintenance personnel discovered an empty generator fuel tank was to blame. Monitoring back-up generators for fuel consumption and fuel availability suddenly became job one! Read more…

Railyard Switching Goes High Tech

At the railroad hump yard the configuration of each train (the engine, the cars it’s pulling, and the caboose) is driven by customer demands, which are constantly changing. The hump yard depends on accurate, up-to-date information. Read more…

Matress Manufacturing
Mattress Manufacturing: Porter International Rests Easier with CTC

Porter International’s technicians spend more time sleeping on mattresses — at home — and less time troubleshooting them. Read more…