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In-plant Monitoring Using iPad and iPhone Technology with qMon

Small, light and portable – these are some of the qualities that are drawing attention to the use of smartphone and pad technologies for in-plant monitoring, data collection and configuration applications.

As part of our continuing focus on communications technologies and how they can have a transformative effect on plant efficiency and quality management, CTC has developed an app providing a broad measure of support for control system monitoring and configuration.

There’s an App for That.

qmon app in actionCTC’s qMon™ is now available as free download from the iPhone/iPad App Store. Connecting via WiFi to your plant’s internal network or, with suitable firewall protections, via the cellular network, qMon becomes a tool for conveniently accessing your automated system locally or remotely. Based on the CTC Monitor Utility, qMon enables you to connect to any CTC automation controller through your plant network. From your iPad or iPhone, you can then monitor and configure a number of internal resources in the target controller:

  • Digital Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Analog Inputs
  • Analog Outputs
  • Motor Position and Error
  • Numeric Registers
  • Flags

By default, qMon will only provide read access to the selected resources. Editing or writing to the controller is automatically disabled unless you specifically enable it for writing values to the controller. Once editing is enabled you can set outputs and write to numeric registers, as well as Start, Stop, and Reset the controller’s program.

Charting and Program Monitoring
Monitoring of the controller’s program is supported, with full support for symbolic names stored as part of the program. Automatic charting of register, analog and servo position values is also provided, allowing graphical tracking of trends.
qMon users have praised the app’s capabilities and the convenience it offers for on-site monitoring and remote access to machines using this familiar user-friendly interface.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can try qMon for yourself – download the app for free and enter in the IP address field. This will connect you with a demonstration system that you can use to exercise the capabilities of qMon.