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CTC is unlike any automation partner you’ve encountered.

You could say we are a manufacturer of automation controllers, and indeed we are. But our customer service philosophy sets us apart from the rest of the crowd.

Most of our customers use CTC products that have been modified for the specialized needs of their companies. But, in most cases, their modifications have been generalized and incorporated as new features into our standard product, so they can buy an off-the-shelf controller that’s THEIR controller.

A Wealth of Technologies

This means that we rapidly accumulate a broad range of powerful capabilities. Extensive protocol support, high-speed data transfer and advanced multi-axis motion control are all standard aspects of CTC systems that started out as customer accommodations.

As a new customer, you benefit from these capabilities immediately. But you also benefit from our commitment to provide you with the unique set of features that will make your automation strategy a success.

You See it Here First

Our 35-year history of technological innovation is testament to our commitment to provide our customers with the best performance and best value possible:

  • First use of state language and multitasking in a standard controller.
  • First full integration of stepping motor and servo motor capabilities into controller software and hardware.
  • Patents awarded on the integration of webserver technology in automation controllers.
  • Manufacturing Technology for Technology Companies

    It’s no wonder that leading technology firms number among our best customers. Fast-moving companies in fast-moving industries realize the advantages that having flexible technology partners can bring. In fields as diverse as semiconductors, medical products, alternative energy and nanofiber fabrication, CTC has fulfilled this role in providing our customers with a competitive edge.